When your children use a FizzBrain app you want to know they are safe from ads and information collection. So we want to assure you: FizzBrain apps collect NO information about our customers when they use our apps. There are no hidden analytics tools anonymously tracking your child's play habits. And of course there are no ads.

Our website and apps comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). We never collect personal information from any customer, especially children under the age of 13. We have no push notifications, no cookies, and no links to third party sites. The only exception is that we do have links to iTunes from our "Info" screen for those who would like to read more about other FizzBrain apps, but these links are safely protected by a Parent Gate.

The only place we ever ask for an email address is on the support page of our web site – and only if you would like a response from us regarding a support question. We use your email address ONLY to answer your questions regarding our apps, as provided under Section 312.2 of the COPPA rules. We NEVER sell or share your email address!

Please contact us at fizzbrain@gmail.com with any questions about this Privacy Policy. We will get right back to you with a personal response – we value our customers!

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